You get an entire 7 hour day of dedicated work on your project.


You also get 7 days after the project is complete to make changes that take up to 1 hour to complete and 30 days of support to ask me questions about your project.


*All website projects come with one year of premium hosting. If you host with Blue Ring Digital you will also get one year of weekly updates, security, themes, and premium plugins. 


*Hosting with Blue Ring Digital is included in the VIP day price, but it’s optional in case you want to host your site somewhere else. VIP day price is the same if you host your website somewhere else.

A website with up to 4 pages can be done in one day. However, it’s VITAL that you have the content for your website ready for me to use at least one week BEFORE your appointment. This gives me time to look over your materials in case something is missing or needs attention.

You also need to do the prep work. This information tells me what you want your website to do for your business. You need to have a very solid idea of what you want it to look like.


It’s unlikely to happen if you’re still unsure of your goals and you don’t have copy (written content), images, or graphics. 


Very complex websites with multiple integrations and 50 pages aren’t good candidates for a single VIP day.   

Every brand new website comes with one year of premium free *hosting and a **care package that includes weekly security checks, daily backups, and software updates to WordPress, your theme, and your plugins.


*Hosting with Blue Ring Digital is optional, so you can host your website somewhere else.

**Care packages are only available to websites hosted with Blue Ring Digital. 

A restaurant website with a beautiful home page, menu, testimonials, about page, reservation calendar, and email signup form.


A pet groomer website with a cool homepage, menu of services, portfolio of adorable pets, blog page on grooming at home, and a booking calendar with payment portal.


A photography site with a gorgeous homepage, portfolio, testimonial page, client information page, booking calendar with payment portal, and automatic reminders for appointments.  

A website for all of your  courses that your students will find simple and enjoyable to use.

All brand new websites or complete website overhaul projects get a 10% discount.

A complete website overhaul is like a brand new website because I don’t use the design of the old website. Changes to an existing site take more time. Existing sites may or may not be compatible with the coding in the design or functionality of the new website.

Note: Discounts can’t be combined. Only one discount can be applied to your project. 

Custom graphics are NOT included in any VIP day because creating graphics is a multi-day process and a separate project.

However, I DO provide custom graphic design services. I have a talented and professional graphic design team. 

Once your custom graphics are complete, you can schedule a VIP day to get your new website built. 

Yes, I offer graphic design services, e-book design and publishing, and review management. Please schedule a discovery call or send me a message to inquire about any services you may need. 

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